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Discover your Aquatic Nature.
Freediving with Wild Dolphins and Everblue Freediving

Before there was SCUBA..... there was the Breath.

Dive deep, stay long, do it safely.

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You Get More With Everblue Freediving!

More Fun:
Freediving is a life skill that empowers human beings to swim deep and explore the sea world. Students often exceed their expectations and continue training. Often this leads to interesting and even amazing encounters with sea life and the ocean world. Freediving is a natural expression of a physical ability and it is fun, educational and stimulating. 
More Individual Attention - Private Lessons:
All Everblue Freediving classes are private lessons because your safety and your success is our goal.  You won't be lost in a group of students and missing the attention that you deserve and paid for. We teach one-to-one freediving classes unless you are part of a couple, friends or group and want to learn together. 
More Freediving Training per Class:
We do not divide our training into subcourses. When you enroll in the Beginner Freediver Course : Freediver I or the Advanced Freediver Course : Freediver II, you will get all the training that is necessary for you to be a competent and safe freediver at that level (see course descriptions). You won't have to come back and take additional courses to achieve more certifications. If you successfully complete the course you will leave with all the information you need that is consistent with your level of skill.
More Sea World - Open Water Training:
 We train in the sea.  From the moment you arrive at the water's edge for your first class lecture you will be learning about the sea and how to be a freediver  that is familiar with the sea and capable of very good judgement. Our goal is to integrate you with the ocean and awaken your aquatic nature. It is entirely possible that we will have visitors during our classes including dolphins. 
More Freediving - Classes All Year Long:
Come to beautiful Kona, Hawaii and learn to free dive or skin-dive any time of year.  Close to the equator, we have temperate weather and water; the best conditions for freediving year round.  In addition, we have dolphins year round and migrating whales from October through March.  We are open 365 days per year.
Other Reasons to Learn to Freedive  with Everblue Freediving
Freediving for Naturalists and Underwater Photographers, Recreational Freedivers and Yoga practitioners, Military Contractors, and Martial Artists:
Our program is intended to enhance underwater activities that require conscious thought and quiet actions. If you want to learn freediving for a specific reason, please advise us and we can set up a program to help you meet that goal.
Spearfishermen and Aspiring Freediving Competitors:
If you are a spearfisherman or aspiring competitor, we can help you with comprehensive freediving classes.  We want to help everyone be safer in their practice by teaching proper freediving techniques including apnea training, mammalian diving reflex, yogic breathwork, zen mindset and safety and rescue techniques.
Freediving for Young People /Families:
Everblue Freediving offers skin-diving courses (aka advanced snorkeling) for children and families. We will teach Introduction to Freediving to children ten years and older that are competent surface swimmers, with parental permission. Young people 12 and older may take the Beginning Freediver Parents are encouraged to attend and enroll with your child. Often young people learn freediving quickly and are quite good at it.
Couples, Buddies, Groups or Teams:
If there are two or more of you that would like to take the class together for a discount rate, please ask. Freediving vacations are a great way for families, couples and friends to travel and enjoy the ocean. Train together and enjoy ocean-based travels.
Freediving Certification:
All of our free diving courses come with a freediving certification if you achieve the goals of the class.  All of our courses are comparable or more intensive than other freediving certification programs.  

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Freediving with Everblue Freediving School
Freediving with Everblue Freediving School
Freediving with Everblue Freediving
Freediving with Everblue Freediving

Photos by Ted Roe, copyright Ted Roe, Everblue Freediving

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