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Advanced Freediver Course: Freediver II     $650USD

Advanced Freediving training to help you go deeper and stay longer! If you are a competent freediver that would like to extend your range, increase your dive durations and master the skills of competent freeswimmers this class is for you.

Private Freediving Instruction:

All Everblue Freediving courses are taught as private lessons, one teacher per student, unless students specifically request to train with a partner.It is our belief that each student deserves the undivided attention of their instructor, you learn more and its safer.


If you wish to learn to freedive with a partner, please ask.

Course Description:

An even more in-depth examination of freediving  for graduates of the Everblue Freediving Beginning Freediving | Freediver I class or for experienced freedivers that want to extend their range and dive durations. This course focuses on open water training as well as line diving, apnea training and depth achievement, safety and support swimming techniques for supporting deep swimmers, and a general emphasis on proper freediver equipment, technique and form for operating below 75 feet. Advanced techniques including packing and reverse packing will be presented. Depending on the depth the student hopes to acquire, additional training support will be provided in swimming to a maximum depth of 150ft.  This can also be explored with a focus on bi-fins, monofin, or no-fins, constant ballast and free immersion.


Contact us to discuss your skills and your goals and we will prepare a custom course to accomodate your interests.

We teach you what you need to know:

We want you to succeed and to become a safe and competent freediver. We do not divide our freediving training into subcourses. When you enroll in the Intermediate Freediver Course : Freediver II, you will get all the training that is necessary for you to be a competent and safe freediver at the Intermediate level from a capable and dedicated private instructor. You won't have to come back and take additional courses to achieve a Freediver II certification. If you successfully complete the course you will leave with all the information you need that is consistent with your level of skill.

Cost of Course: 

                            $650USD plus 4% Hawaii General Excise Tax ($26USD)

                            $676USD total

                            Ask about our discounts

Course requirements:

Proper Freediving fins, Mask and Snorkel, Wrist Computer.

For freediving beyond 75ft it is recommended that the student acquire plastic epoxy, fiberglass or carbon fiber fins. (contact us for more information)

Additionally the student must be in good health on dive days and have either A) successfully Completed the Everblue Freediving Beginning Freediving | Freediver I course or B) successfully completed a similar freediving course from another instructor/school. The student must be able to freedive, constant weight, to 75ft and demonstrate a working knowledge of modern freediving theory and safety.  Contact us to discuss your goals and skills and schedule your class.

Course is three days long and consists of 2-3 hours of lecture and 1-3 hours of swimming and diving per day.

Contact us to schedule your class . Please pay a non-refundable 50% deposit ($325USD) to reserve your instructor.  Deposits secure your instuctor and dates.  Should you need to cancel, we will do everything we can to re-schedule you at a future date.

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Freediving Training Course with Everblue Freediving
Freediving Training Course with Everblue Freediving
Freediving classes with Everblue Freediving

All Photos by Ted Roe Copyright Ted Roe Everblue Freediving

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