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Beginning Freediver Course | Freediver I   $500USD

If you are looking for a full course in freediving basics then this three-day freediving intensive is for you.  For the aspiring freediver that wants to safely dive deeper and stay longer. Get a good foundation with proper technique and good habits.  

Course Description:

This course is a thorough, three-day intensive study of the basic practice of breath-hold diving or freediving for the committed freediver. This includes instruction in freediving equipment, free-diving techniques and line diving, apnea training and breath theory, pressure equalization, mammalian diving reflex, freediver safety and rescue techniques and more. 


This course is conducted in the sea and will include instruction on how to engage wildlife encounters, fish identification and communication and other information from experienced freeswimmers that will help you apply your newly acquired freediving skill to underwater photography and other sea adventures.

This course is three days long. Each course day is about three hours of lecture and one to two hours of freediving training. Contact us to schedule your class days and discuss your training goals and equipment requirements. Note: if you are planning on an extended stay on the Big Island, spreading out your classes will give you more time to prepare and may improve your results.

This course is intended to train a beginning freediver to safely and properly complete a freedive dive to 60-75ft. 

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Private Freediving Instruction:

All Everblue Freediving courses are taught as private lessons, one teacher per student, unless students specifically request to train with a partner. It is our belief that each student deserves the undivided attention of their instructor, you learn more, better, and its safer.


If you wish to learn to freedive with a partner or group, please ask.


Additional Training and Certification:

We do not divide our training into subcourses that seem less expensive but add up to more cost. When you enroll in the Beginner Freediver Course : Freediver I you will get all the training that is necessary for you to be a competent and safe freediver. You won't have to come back and take additional courses to achieve a Freediver I certification. When you successfully complete the course you will leave with all the information you need that is consistent with your level of skill. This course meets or exceeds comparable courses and will empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter an Intermerdiate Freediver / Freediver II course to continue your training.


Must be a competent surface swimmer in good health.

This course can be completed with common snorkel fins, mask and snorkel. However, if the student is interested in acquiring and using proper freediving equipment, contact Everblue Freediving for more information.

Cost of Course:

                           $500 plus 4% Hawaii General Excise Tax ($20USD)

                           $520USD total

                           Ask us about our course discounts.

Please contact us to confirm your class dates and pay your non-refundable deposit, $250, to reserve your class time for Beginning Freediving Course : Freediver I.  Deposits secure your instuctor and dates.  Should you need to cancel, we will do everything we can to re-schedule you at a future date.

Freediving Course with Everblue Freediving

Photo by Ted Roe Copyright Ted Roe Everblue Freediving

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