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Everblue Freediving and Private Big Island Tours

Freediving Photography with Leina Sato in a dolphin pod - video by Ted Roe


Whether you are looking to open your aquatic nature with freediving courses or seeking a swim and snorkeling tour of 2-step or you seek a dolphin swim experience, Everblue Freediving tours will exceed your expectations. You choose one of several locations that we offer, meet our experienced guide at the water's edge and prepare for a fun and educational experience in the sea.

Depending on your specific interest we can custom-focus on it during your tour.

Want to swim with dolphins?

Many people that come here are seeking opportunities to encounter wild dolphins on their terms. The Big Island touring businesses have adopted several models to make this happen. One way to do it is to go out on a boat and intercept dolphins that are traveling along the shoreline and throw clients into the water with the hope that the dolphins will swim past and give them a clear view.

The Everblue program is a little different because we teach people how to swim around dolphins and then take them to where the dolphins usually are. This is done with the understanding that dolphins are nocturnal animals and generally rest during the day so we need to be unintrusive. Everblue Freediving has developed an educational program called Voluntary Standards for Dolphin Interactions to help clients and guests to the islands swim responsibly and respectfully around wild dolphins. Adults, children and families welcome!



Freediving Underwater Photography Tours and Photography Support

We can arrange for underwater photography opportunities depending on your interest. Reefs and reef life, dolphins, ocean scapes, etc... are possible areas of focus. 


We conduct the best Big Island snorkeling tours, swimimng tours, and recreational freediving tours on the Kona Coast.  Our tours are tailored as many people return year after year seeking new experiences and increasing their aquatic skill levels.  We do not use boats.  We meet at the oceans' edge and plan our approach based on your experience level.  We conduct the best snorkeling tours of all our local Bays on the Kona Coast.  

About Boats....

Boats use heavy diesel which is highly carcinogeous and lies on top of the water.   As divers and snorkelers, we find the snorkeling boat tours to be a bit offensive to our lungs and the resident dolphins while we swim.  In addition, boats use motors which are both sound pollution in the water and out of the water but also can be dangererous to wildlife and divers.  Our tours are eco friendly.  We choose to be an example of environmental stewardship and sustainable tourism.  

We operate on the Big Island of Hawaii

Our tour clients have told us that we are the best snorkeling and swimming tours they have ever experienced.  We have to admit, we are one of the most unique and fun tour operators on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We know the popular spots and the secret spots on the Big Island.  We will help you enjoy the Best of the Big Island while you learn and have fun!


Contact us to book the best snorkeling tour on the Big Island Now!  Contact us with your itinerary – or trip dates now and place your deposit to assure your dates!

$150 per person.  Ask about group and family discounts!

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