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Introduction to Freediving - $200 USD

Freediving Training Courses

Are you interested in learning to freedive but not certain if you have what it takes? Perhaps you are simply interested in being able to swim a little deeper and relax a little while you are doing it. The Introduction to Freediving course is a good place to start. Its a one day class, 2-3 hours of lecture and 1-2 hours of freediving training in the ocean. 

Beginning Freediving / Freediver I - $500 USD

Freediving Classes

If you are looking for a full course in freediving basics then this three-day freediving intensive is for you.  For the aspiring freediver that wants to safely dive deeper and stay longer. Get a good foundation with proper technique and good habits.

Advanced Freediver / Freediver II - $650 USD

Freediving Classes with Everblue Freediving

Advanced Freediving training to help you go deeper and stay longer! If you are a competent freediver that would like to extend your range, increase your dive durations and master the skills of competent freeswimmers this class is for you.

Introduction to Freediving Photography - $250 USD

Freediving Classes

​A basic course to support freedivers who want to learn to bring a camera along and take amazing photos of their aquatic adventures. We will review hardware, software and basic techniques so that you can capture some of those rare and amazing moments that we all experience as freedivers.

Freediving for Young People

Everblue Freediving will provide freediving instruction for young people, ten years and older and that are competent surface swimmers, with written parental consent. It’s fun, it’s empowering, and children are frequently quite good at it. The practice of freediving involves learning a lot of practical physics, physiology, psychology, marine biology and animal behavior, sea conditions, and more. We make learning to freedive fun because it is fun... 

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