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Introduction to Freediving | $200 USD |

  aka Skin Diver I | Freediver I

Are you interested in learning to freedive but not certain if you have what it takes? Perhaps you are simply interested in being able to swim a little deeper and relax a little while you are doing it. The Introduction to Freediving course is a good place to start. Its a one day class, 2-3 hours of lecture and 1-2 hours of freediving training in the ocean. 

Class Description:

A half-day introductory course in freediving (aka free-diving, free diving or skin-diving),  This course teaches breath-hold techniques, apnea training and yogic breathwork as well as freediving safety and safety techniques.  After lecture at the water's edge, we take our practice to the sea world.  Based on your desires and equipment, rope diving and natural diving can be part of open water training.  This course teaches freediving training safely to 30ft or 10m. 



Must be a competent surface swimmer in good health

Basic snorkel gear, Mask, snorkel and fins are recommended.

Freediving Classes with Everblue Freediving

Photographs  by Ted Roe Copyright Ted Roe, Everblue Freediving

Private Freediving Instruction:

All Everblue Freediving courses are taught as private lessons, one teacher per student, unless students specifically request to train with a partner. It is our belief that each student deserves the undivided attention of the instructor. You learn more and better and its safer.


If you wish to learn to freedive with a partner, please ask.

Apply your class fees to continue with your instruction: 

If you take the Introduction to Freediving course and learn that you have an aptitude for freediving you can add the course fees for the introductory course to the Beginner Freediver Course, pay the remainder ($300), and take the three day comprehensive Beginner Freediving course.

Class is two-three hours of lecture and dry land practice and one-two hours of freediving practice in the ocean.


Cost of the Introduction to Freediving Course:


                                                                                $200USD plus 4% Hawaii General Excise Tax

                                                                                $208USD total

                                                                                Contact us about our discounts

Please contact us to confirm your class dates and pay your non-refundable deposit, $100, to reserve your class time for an Introduction to Freediving course.  Deposits secure your instuctor and dates.  Should you need to cancel, we will do everything we can to re-schedule you at a future date.

Success! Message received.

Video by Everblue Freediving Instructor Ted Roe of visitors during a freediving class.

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